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The Corral

If you've got a hankering for a great burger, then head to The Corral at 711 Scott Street in Gardiner. You won't regret it! You can select from their menu of top-notch burgers - whether you are looking for a classic cheeseburger or a specialty bison or elk burger.  In fact, The Corral was voted the Best Elk Burger by USA Today in 2017.

The Corral is proud to be part of the Farm to Table program of Western Sustainability Exchange and works hard to support local farmers and ranchers.

Something for Everyone On the Menu

Want a truly satisfying meal? Add an order of onion rings or hand-cut fries to your order. Frequent visitors of The Corral say that no meal is complete without one of their milkshakes made from local Montana-made ice cream. We've heard rave reviews about the Huckleberry-flavored shake.

Meal entrees are priced just right for families and range from $7 to $16.50. Lunch is served from noon to 5 pm and dinner from 5 to 8 pm.

Getting an early start to your day? Make sure to stop in for The Corral's popular breakfast offering between 6 to 10:30 am. You'll walk away satisfied after a stack of buttermilk pancakes or a freshly-cooked omelette with juice. 

Everyone's A Star at The Corral

While you're there, you just may catch a glimpse of a Hollywood A-lister at the table next to you. The Corral is a popular stopping spot for locals like Dennis Quaid who have made the area their home. While they love seeing prominent repeat guests like Dennis, the staff at The Corral makes everyone feel like a star.

Guests can dine inside when the weather is chilly or on a nicer day, choose one of our tables in the outside seating area.

Give them a call at 1-406-848-7627 to check seasonal operating hours, and then head on over for a fantastic dining experience in Gardiner. 


I'm not going to admit to eating that entire bison burger, giant salad, and perhaps additional fries from my fiancee's plate, but that may have happened one night in Northern Yellowstone...
Ben L.
So I walk up to this place like any cowboy (substitute tourist for the truth) would walk up to The Corral, and I see their menu touts that they had the best Elk Burger in Montana in 2017 according to USA Today. on. Elk Burger ordered. 10 minutes later our table's burgers...2 Bisons and 1 Elk...arrived. 5 minutes later...I can confirm the Elk Burger was incredible. One other note...chicken tenders were also ordered and came with a ranch dip that tastes like it was homemade...really good. This place is like a fancy dive...but it was awesome. I'm glad we stumbled across this place.
Andrew R.
I wish there were more stars to give this restaurant. The food was fantastic, best burger I have had in a while. At first you might think is pricey, however, the portions are very generous and taste delicious. The service was OUTSTANDING! We arrived 10 minutes before closing, after a long day at Yellowstone. We had no expectations of sitting down, given the time, and we were prepared not be served bc they were about to close. Well, not only did they prepared delicious burger, fries and drinks, but they invited us to eat there without any rush, and the owner even approached our table to turn on the fire pit at the center. I was so thankful for being so nice and thoughtful. They have a message at the front saying that they care about each of their customers and it is true! Highly recommend this amazing place!
Mnunez R.
I loved their Huckleberry malt. Quick service despite the crowd. The elk burger was also delicious.
Monica C.
Great spot to have dinner after a long day at Yellowstone. The restaurant has been serving food locally for decades and was recognized in USA Today, I believe. You can have classic in this area Elk or Bison burger or try something else. Food wasn't too expensive and tasted well. It was also prepared quickly. You might see a line of people here and a shortage of parking spots so be prepared! The wooden patio was beautiful in the evening with all the lights!
Alexander B.